2015 User Friendly Budget

Copy of Pine Hill User Friendly Budget

Camden County Instructions for Disposal of Water Based Latex Paint

Latex paint is non-hazardous and should not be brought to our Household Special Waste Collections.  It can be disposed of in the regular trash, provided it is first dried out.

Please see the document listed below to follow the simple steps that you can dispose of latex paint in the trash, year round.

Instructions for the Disposal of Water Based Latex Paint



The Pine Hill Police Department and the Pine Hill Municipal Alliance announce the 2015 Senior Citizen Narcotic Pill Safety & Disposal Luncheon on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the Pine Hill Senior Center located at 131 12th Avenue.  Lunch will be served at 12 PM.

Caregivers welcome to join us at the event!

Meet with representatives from Walgreens to discuss health and wellness tips and have your blood pressure checked.  Members of the Pine Hill Police Department will be collecting all expired, unused and unwanted medication to dispose of in a safe and legal manner.  Information will also be available detailing the dangers associated with illegal narcotic pill use and the current state of the opiate abuse epidemic within community.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Senior Seminar 2015



Spring leaf pick-up is scheduled to begin in the Borough the week of 4/12/15.  The following schedule is approximate, but will be adhered to as closely as possible.

We ask that no plastic items, metal cans or products, excessive amounts of paper, large twigs or branches be mixed in with the leaves, as the composting facility may refuse our entire load of leaves.

April 13th THROUGH April 17th

All adjacent roads off Kayser Avenue on the eastern section of the Borough, continuing with all the numbered streets on the western portion of the Borough:

Kayser Avenue                                               Daniels Avenue

13th Avenue                                                     12th Avenue

11th Avenue                                                     10th Avenue

9th Avenue                                                       8th Avenue

7th Avenue                                                       6th Avenue

5th Avenue                                                       4th Avenue

Wright Avenue

APRIL 20th THROUGH April 24th

East Third, Second and First Avenues and all streets on the same side of the Bean School to the border of the Borough of Clementon:

East 3rd Avenue                                               Greenwood Avenue

Lakeview Avenue                                           Kirk Avenue

Mt. Clement Avenue                                      Hazel Avenue

East 2nd Avenue                                              Berkley Lane

Osborne Avenue                                             Sitley Avenue

Terrace Avenue                                               Highland Avenue

Evanson Avenue                                             Chestnut Avenue

Walnut Avenue                                               Spruce Lane

Diamond Avenue                                            Poplar Avenue

West 1st Avenue                                              West 2nd Avenue

West 3rd Avenue                                             West 4th Avenue

West 5th Avenue                                             West 6th Avenue


Tall Pines                                                         Mason Run

Sherri Way                                                      Woodrow Road

Little Mill Road                                              Signal Hill Road

Carol Drive                                                      Guenther Avenue

Tomlinson Avenue                                         Mountain View Section

Montgomery Avenue                                     Slalom Court

Wilson Road                                                   Ridge Court

Cross Road                                                      High Trail

DeCou Road                                                    Grasmur Turn

Madison Woods section, a/k/a area between Turnerville Road, Cross Keys Road and Ramblewood Drive:

Jefferson Court                       Willow Drive                          Grant Lane

Franklin Ave.                          Weber Drive                            Adams Ave.

Andrews Court                       Short Drive                              Ford Lane

Grandview Ave.                     Cranford Road                         Washington Ave.

Brace Road                             Hamilton Court                       Tyler Lane

Cedar Drive                            Madison Avenue                     Hancock Lane

Ramblewood Drive                 Lincoln Drive                         Carter Lane

May 4th THROUGH May 8th    

Bittle Avenue                                                 Atlantic Avenue

Jackson Avenue                                             New Freedom Road

Floyd Avenue                                                 Bramau Avenue

Park Avenue                                                   Bramau Court

Mohawk Avenue

Turnerville Road, from Bittle Avenue to Branch Avenue and all adjacent streets between Turnerville Road and Country Club Road:

Turnerville Road                                             Estates Road

Kennedy Court                                               Congress Road

Valley Court                                                   Melrose Drive

Hill Drive                                                        MacKnight Drive

Country Club Road                                        12th Ave (Dead end)

Richards Avenue                                            Country Club CT

Club CT

May 11th TROUGH May 15th     

All roads adjacent and between South Club Road and North Drive:

South Club Road                                            Penn Drive

Crest Road                                                      North Drive

Cranford Road

All roads between Branch Avenue, Hickstown Road, Erial Road and all intersecting roads on Pine Street:

Hickstown – Turnerville Road                     East Cloverdale Avenue

Pine Street                                                       East Woodburn Avenue

East Spring Street                                           East Clearview Avenue

East Buttonwood Avenue                              East Branch Avenue

May 18th THROUGH May 22nd     

All roads within the border of Branch Avenue, Erial Road and Hickstown Road:

West Branch Avenue                                      West Buttonwood Avenue

Forrester Avenue                                            West Spring Avenue

West Clearview Avenue                                 Oak Avenue

West Woodburn Avenue                                Grove Street

West Cloverdale Avenue                                Lake Avenue

Erial Road

Camden County Regional Town Hall Series

Please join your elected officials from all levels of government at the Your Government Your Neighborhood Town Hall Series on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM followed by a Services Fair and Light Refreshments from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Bud Duble Senior Center, 33 Cooper Folly Road, Atco, NJ 08004.  All County Residents are Welcomed!

Space is limited… to pre-register to attend go to camdencounty.com/townhall

For more information please click the link below:

town hall flyer final

Annual Dog & Cat License

Pine Hill residents at that time can also apply to receive their annual dog or cat license which is due on or before April 15, 2015.  

After April 15, 2015 a late fee of $15.00 will assess for every dog or cat license registered for per Borough Code Chapter VI Licensing of Dogs and Cats 6-6.6 License Fee Schedule.

Annual Spring Clean Up Day

Mark your calendars for Saturday June 6, 2015 for the Annual Borough Spring Clean Up.  The clean up event is scheduled from 9 am to 12 pm.  In addition, the Borough will have a shredder truck available from 9 am to 1 pm for residents needing documents and other information discarded.  For more information or to volunteer for the clean up event, contact the Borough at 856-783-7400 extension 211.

Community Wide Yard Sale

A community wide yard sale is being planned for Saturday, June 6, 2015.  Residents wishing to participate will need to register with the Borough however, no fee is required.  Residents are asked to register by Wednesday, June 3, 2015 as a list of participating properties will be available for those interested in finding great deals.

Yard Sale Application