Fire Hydrant Flushing

The Pine Hill Water Distribution System is flushed annually to remove sediment and maintain water quality.  This is usually completed in the month of April.  The flushing will be over a two week period with the Distribution System divided into five sections. 

Section #1 shall include both sides of Turnersville Road from East Branch Avenue to Cross Keys Road and Cross Keys Road from New Freedom Road to Madison Avenue.

Section #2 shall include Turnerville/Hickstown Road from East Branch Avenue to Bromley Estates; East Branch from Turnerville Road to Erial Road, and West Branch Avenue from Erial Road to Forrester Avenue.

Section #3 shall include East Branch Avenue /Turnerville Road to Erial Road, Erial Road to Sitley Avenue and all the remaining East side of Erial road.

Section #4 shall include Erial Road from West Branch Avenue to Evanson Avenue including all the West side of Erial Road.

Section #5 will include both sides of West Branch Avenue from Forrester Avenue to Blackwood/Clementon Road, all of Blackwood/Clementon Road and including Sheri Way.

The dates for flushing the system are April 15, 2013 to April 26, 2013, between 9:00 AM AND 3:00PM.