Fall Leaf Schedule 2017

November 6, 2017 2:03 pm

The following agenda is approximate and will subject -without notice- to change for extenuating circumstances. Every attempt however will be made to adhere to the schedule as closely as possible.

NOTE: If you should see the DPW picking up leafs in your section before the date scheduled, it is because they have completed the scheduled week, and they will still be in your area during the week indicated on the schedule.

Also, once the entire schedule has been completed, a second (2nd) pass will be conducted.

 We ask that no plastic items, metal cans or products, excessive amounts of paper, large twigs or branches be mixed in with the leaves, as the composting facility may refuse our entire load of leaves. The existence of one or more of these concerns will be cause for denial of collection by the DPW and you as the homeowner will be responsible for removal of the pile(s).

Fall Leaf pick-up 2017


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