Public Works


General Information:

Superintendent of Public Works: John Greer               Phone:       856-784-4697


If you would like to request any of the following DPW services:

 Request to pick up electronics
 Request to pick up heavy metal
 and, or request to remove small trees, tree limbs, etc.

please call 856 783-3856 and if no one answers, follow the instructions to leave a message.

Note that tree trunks can be no longer than 4’ in length and 12” in diameter and leaf piles must be free of tree limbs, stick, twigs, etc.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all borough streets, excluding non-dedicated roadways and county roads.Other major responsibilities include maintenance of traffic signs and light signals, public buildings, parks and recreation areas (cutting grass, etc.), street lighting, storm water sewers, snow removal, leaf pickup, trash pickup (contracted) and recycling.

Public Works department is located at the end Davis Avenue. Our fenced in facility contains a salt barn and garage  where our vehicles and equipment are maintained and stored. This facility is also used to store large recyclables such as electronic waste, batteries, white goods, used oil and various metals. Many of the recyclables we collect are then sold for scrap which in turn helps to reduce our expenses.

As you can see we have many important jobs to do. With our small staff of hard workers it’s Public Works goal is to provide the best possible service to our residents that is both affordable and cost effective.

“HOUSEHOLD” hazardous waste

Household Hazardous Waste Collections Dates, Times and locations



Leaf collection will be posted on this website. Schedule will be followed as close as possible due to weather and equipment problems.

Leaf preparation:
Pile at curb, not out into street. NO sticks, NO trash or any other foreign objects mixed in with leafs. Debris of this kind will clog the vacuum hose or damage vacuum unit.  Leaves contaminated with debris will not be picked up.

Choose a location where vehicles will not be parked close by (keep at least 20 ft. away). Piles will NOT be picked up if any vehicles are in danger of being damaged by our vacuum equipment.


Snow removal is done on a priority basis. Major arteries are done first so emergency vehicles can respond to calls. Secondary roads are done next and then residential back streets. Many people call to complain that the “plow truck went right by my street”. We can assure you the reason for this is because we must do the priority streets first. If they are not cleared nobody will move very far.

For best plowing results on your street kindly remove your vehicle from the street. The fewer the obstacles the plow trucks have to go around the better and the wider a street can be cleared. Some road ways are marked as Snow Emergency Routes and no parking is permitted. Violators will be ticketed and towed at owners expense.

Plows can not push snow very far in a straight line so the plow blades must be angled to push snow off to the side. Unfortunately when a snow is heavy and deep this means sometimes the end of your driveway will get plowed in. This is not done purposely, but only because it can not be avoided. Please don’t get upset with the drivers as they are doing there best not to block your drive. If you feel that you have  been treated unfairly please call Public Works.  Any one harassing or threatening a plow operator will be reported to the Police and appropriate action will be taken, including possible arrest and a court appearance.

In a true emergency and your street is not cleared please call Police. Appropriate personnel will be dispatched to respond to your emergency.


The Stormwater Management regulations and information can be found HERE. This page will give you detailed information on various ordinances and community regulations.


All Electronic waste such as TVs, stereo equipment, monitors, computers etc. must be recycled. This a NJ State law. Electronic waste can no longer be put out at curb side. Waste haulers are NOT permitted to pickup and will be fined if caught doing so.

Please bring your E-Waste to the Public Works department located at the end of Davis ave. Hours are 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday. If you have a large TV that you cannot handle please call us and we will assist you. Keep in mind that all units brought in for recycling must be WHOLE and NOT stripped of it’s components.

Do NOT put E-Waste at curb! If someone strips the electronics and leaves the rest you have a problem, because nobody wants it. Trash haulers can’t take it and recyclers will not take a worthless unit. Major recyclers make money on the electronics, but they also pay the cost to properly dispose of the hazard-est materials.



Recycling helps reduce cost and helps our environment. We value our “GREEN” efforts and hope that you do too. If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail or phone.


Did you know we also will pick up your refrigerators, washers and dryers. These items are commonly referred to as “WHITE GOODS”. E-mail or call for pick up.

Rechargeable batteries, car batteries, used motor oil, antifreeze, metals, LP gas bottles, oil based paint and more. For water based paint simply open can & dry out or use cat litter to absorb paint.
Please e-mail or call for more information as to what we accept.


Small amount of yard waste such as sticks and small branches can be cut and placed in your trashcan or bundled & tied in 4 ft sections. Bundles must be of size that would fit in your trashcan. These  small amounts will be picked up by your trash hauler. Large branches and small trees can be disposed of by contacting Public Works.