Ama Agreement Natural Gas

December 2, 2020 3:17 pm

If part of this energy agreement cannot be implemented, we agree to set this part of this energy agreement in order to make it applicable without altering the intent of this energy agreement. If this part cannot be corrected without changing the intention of this energy agreement, it will be abolished and the rest of this energy agreement will remain in force. b) where an energy marketing agreement, including an energy marketing agreement, currently exists for the same property, unless the current marketing energy agreement expires on the day or before the start of the new energy marketing agreement. Site (s): refers to the place of residence, the company or any other site indicated in your energy plan confirmation. (Note: Since there are different site identification numbers for the supply of electricity and natural gas, your home (e.g.B.) may be made up of two different sites.) In its october 15, 2015 decision, the Commission stated that “the purchase/sale transactions in which the AMA distribution shipper sells its natural gas to its asset manager, the asset manager transport the gas via the released capacity and the asset manager resells the natural gas to the liberating shipper, are not purchase/sale transactions of this type prohibited by Regulation 636.” The Commission found that, although the exemption under Regulation 712 reviewed and expressly granted a purchase/sale exemption only for delivery AAAs, the exemption should apply to “corresponding transactions conducted pursuant to a DELIVERY AMA.” The Commission found that buy/sell transactions related to AMA such as delivery AMA did not circumvent capacity release rules, as capacity continues to be used for the same purpose as that for which the shipper of the AMA delivery company originally purchased it to transport its natural gas to the market. In addition, the transfer of capacity to the asset manager is transparent, both in deliveries and in delivery AAAs, in accordance with the Commission`s capacity release rules (which do not require tenders for AMA, but which require unblocking). c) If you travel outside Alberta or to an area that we do not serve, the energy agreement expires on the day of de-registration and you remain responsible for all outstanding obligations arising from the terminated contract until they are fully fulfilled. In its October 15 order, FERC confirmed that Order 712 had exempted AMA from the sales/sale ban on the delivery side, based on the finding that exempt transactions did not constitute the type of sales transactions prohibited by Order No.

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