Unity Vs Agreement

December 19, 2020 11:39 am

Look at Christianity. Those of us who claim to be Christians are divided into thousands of groups, denominations, teachings and convictions. We usually find a common group within a particular church or denomination, but there is rarely a complete agreement. If you have questions about disagreements and unity within your organization, post a comment below or connect with us on Twitter. When I first applied your remark, I put it on an old community, of which I was a member, who asked us to show support and acceptance for those who have brought the doctrine opposed to our community and to undermine many of the members who now follow this crazy belief, telling us that we must agree to oppose with one and the same unity. which is based on “love.” , not teaching. The universal Church has addressed and solved this problem, but it continues to be brought to our people in our communities, much to the dismay of our people. The passages I have shared are there to accept or ignore, as you wish. The Word of God will be our measure to accomplish in the court. If too free in our social mixing with those whose standard is lower than what Scripture reproaches the servants of God, the association can commit that some also lower their level. Nowhere does the apostle tell believers to seek unity. Instead – and this is important to understand – he asks them to maintain the unity that is already there! Clive, yes.

I should probably have made it clear that our unity is based on the obligation to follow Jesus. If I read the verses that you have provided in isolation, I could draw a conclusion in a certain direction. However, when I look at each of the verses in my context, I have a totally different view of certain circumstances where unity is not possible. Jesus` prayer for unity in the Body of Christ (in John 17) will never be answered by an external uniformity of doctrine or organization. Unity in Jesus must be from the heart. He`s never going to back down! Unity allows men to seek God (and love Him while they do) without forcing them to bring God`s group closer together. But despite these obvious differences on the symbol of baptism, there is everywhere a baptism that is recognized and accepted by the Church: the baptism of the Spirit, the true baptism, whose symbol is the baptism of water. It is the means by which every true believer is part of his living body, the Church, of Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians). I don`t think I`m sacrificing truth for unity. However, I believe that we can cling to our own teachings and still pray and pray with those who do not quite agree with us. That`s very well said.

I just hope the GC will read and listen. They seem determined that we all agree with them within the “unity.” Thank you for reminding us that unity is dynamic, just as understanding the truth and “Truth” is a growing process. It is true that we do not see all things the same and we will not always agree. However, I think there should be a spiritual unity that replaces our differences. Our attention should be to glorify God and seek His will on ours. This requires a humble and crumpled attitude and the will to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Right now, I don`t see this kind of spiritual unity in our Church, but it`s my hope and my prayer that it`s going to change! Tags: agreement, corporate languages, prayer in spirit, spiritual language, languages, unity, unity and unity, unity of the mind in today`s world of unity and harmony are things that happen almost unheard of. It seems that our whole world is based on division.

Look in the church, not to mention the other religions.

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