Which Of These Listing Agreements Is Considered A Unilateral Contract

December 21, 2020 4:13 am

a) Exclusive Agency and Real Estate Conditions b) Exclusive Right of Representation and Exclusive c) Franchise and Net Entry d) Exclusive Rental Rights and MLS Rules 9) There are two adjacent properties. A relief allows Object A to use the access road that belongs to Property B. In this situation, should Property A be one of the following with respect to Property B? (a) Supervise only staff activities. b) Keep written records of all real estate listings that each seller receives. c) sign all listing agreements written by an independent contractor. (d) Supervise the activities of independent contractors only if they work more than 26 weeks per year. 3) Should all written housing listing contracts contain one of the following definitions? a) A buyer contacts a broker via the Internet. b) A seller calls a broker to agree on a listing date. c) A potential buyer comes into a house open day to day. d) A potential buyer or seller begins to discuss their needs. (a) a unilateral contract. b) a bilateral treaty.

c) illegally in New York. d) a cat contract. The exclusive right to sell the listing agreement requires that compensation be paid to the broker, regardless of who is selling the property, the broker or the owner of the property. This agreement is a bilateral contract because both parties have exchanged promises and may be forced to act – the agent may be forced to do his duty, and the seller may be forced to pay a commission. 1) Which of these statements to an independent contractor applies? Buyers` agency agreements are made between a broker and a person wishing to acquire a property. 2) What type of list allows the owner to sell his property directly and without due commission? a) Refuse to negotiate for the seller or buyer. b) Refuse to enter into a listing agreement. c) Fill out an explanation form describing the facts of what happened.

d) Fill out a #1245 notification form. 12) If the seller does not advertise before signing a binding contract, there is a listing agreement between a broker and a real estate seller. Here, the word agent refers to the person of whom it is listed, and in all cases who is the main esbroker. A seller who works for this broker may be responsible for the offer, and it may be designated as the seller`s offer, but in fact, the agent that the seller hires is the main broker. 1) Which of the following types of listing contracts can not be entered into by a real estate licensee? (a) an instrument that purports to transfer ownership of the property, but not because of a defect. b) a court order granting access to the property. c) a legal document that blocks possession. (d) a deed of law to be issued before the issuance of the property. (a) The holder may impose a right of bet on the height of the wood on the owner`s land. b) The wooden yard may establish a seller`s right to pledge against the contractor and the owner of the house for the amount of wood.

c) The wooden yard may impose a mechanic`s pawn on the amount of wood against the owner`s land. (d) The owner is not responsible for the fact that the owner was paid for the wood. With an exclusive agency-buyer-agency contract, the buyer is required to pay the agent only if the broker produces a property that the buyer buys.

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