Green Party Coalition Agreement

April 9, 2021 8:00 pm

He said the party had been given a mandate to move the agenda forward and called it an “important day” that is “both a moment of opportunity and hope.” “On election night, I said that The Labour Party would govern for all of New Zealand and continue to build as much consensus as possible – this agreement achieves that goal. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has agreed with the Greens on a “cooperation agreement” in power, which offers two ministries and agreed on a handful of common political priorities for their second term – an offer they adopted late on Saturday. The Greens announced their final list of candidates for the 2017 elections on 30 May 2017. [54] At the opening of the party`s election campaign on 9 July, the Greens proposed that bottling companies charge a 10% tax on water exports, allocating the resulting revenues between locals and Maori or iwi tribes. In addition, the Greens announced a ban on new resource permits for bottling companies until a new comprehensive commercial water price system is put in place. [55] Consensus was blocked, so the party needed 75 percent of the delegates to pass the deal tonight. Greens co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson have spent the past two weeks discussing with Labour what role the small party could play in the next government. In the end, about 150 Green delegates will have to decide whether or not to maintain the agreement. After the election results, the leader of the Shaw party said the Greens would not seek to form a coalition with the national party. He added that the party was aiming for a coalition rather than a support deal with labour and the Social Conservative parties New Zealand First. [79] On October 9, the leader of the Greens, Shaw, participated in negotiations with the Labour Party.

[80] During coalition negotiations, NZ`s first leader, Peters Shaw, rejected the invitation of both sides to negotiate directly because the Greens and Labor had campaigned together as part of a Memorandum of Understanding in the 2017 election. [81] [82] “The cooperation agreement compensates for these two objectives, but does not commit to a more formal coalition or trust and supply agreements.” 24.

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