Municipal Court

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General Information:

Municipal Court Judge:          Charles Shimberg                

Public Defender:                       Timothy Farrow, Esq      

Prosecutor:                                 Cheryl Hendler Cohen

Court  Administrator:                Barbara Heriegel            


Hours For Court Administration:

Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm

Temporary hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9:30am-11:30am

Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-3:30pm

The office is closed on Thursday

 You may send any correspondence to:

Pine Hill Borough Court
45 West 7th Ave.
Pine Hill, NJ 08021

The Pine Hill Municipal Court has jurisdiction over motor vehicle and municipal ordinance violations, matters involving acts of domestic violence and quasi-criminal offenses pursuant to the New Jersey Criminal Code and which occur within the Borough

It is the responsibility of the Municipal Court to rule upon complaints brought before it by the police officers and private citizens. These complaints arise out of matters which have occurred within the territorial confines of the borough of Pine Hill. The complaints are prosecuted on behalf of the State of New Jersey by the Municipal Prosecutor and involves matters such as violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws, municipal ordinances and quasi-criminal offenses such as assaults, drug offenses, thefts, shoplifting, harassment, trespassing, smoking in public and truancy.

The Violations Bureau has the authority to accept guilty pleas to certain traffic offenses by the Defendant appearing in person during regular office hours and paying fines and costs pursuant to a schedule that has been set forth by the State of New Jersey. When a Defendant pays a fine through the Violations Bureau, this constitutes a plea of guilty and the defendant gives up the right to a trial for the charge.  Any appearance at the Violations Bureau must be “on or before” the trial date listed on the ticket.

It is mandatory that Defendants in criminal complaints and certain traffic violations appear in person at the trial session of the Court which takes place on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00am in the Municipal Building, and the first and third tuesday at 6:00pm

At the trial court session, cases are presented by the Prosecutor to the Judge.  The Prosecutor represents the interests of the State of New Jersey.  It is the obligation of the Judge to impartially decide those cases presented to him/her, which decision includes guilt or innocence and, if guilty, what penalties should be imposed. If a Defendant is found guilty by the Judge or disagrees with the penalty imposed, the Defendant has the right to appeal to the Superior Court. Such an appeal must be filed within 20 days of the Judge’s decision.

If you are a victim of a traffic or criminal offense, you have a right to speak to the Prosecutor prior to the case being presented to the Judge and thereafter to make a statement to the Judge yourself in open Court.

  Do I have a right to a free attorney?

A.  You have the right to the services of the Public Defender if you are charged with a serious offense where you may: Lose your driver’s license, Pay a substantial fine or be put in jail.

There is an Application Fee of up to $200 for the Public Defender.  In all other cases you must pay for the services of a private attorney should you wish the services of counsel.

Q.  Will I be assessed points if I plead or am found guilty?

A.  The Municipal Court has no authority over the issue of Motor Vehicle Points.  They are determined and assessed by the Division of Motor Vehicles in Trenton.  If you have a question about Points, you should speak with an attorney in advance of your case going to Court.

Q.  What happens with my car insurance rates if I plead or am found guilty?

A.  Motor Vehicle Insurance is a Private Contract between you and your insurance carrier.   Decisions by the Municipal Court cannot alter what is written in this contract.   Questions concerning your insurance rates should be addressed to your insurance agent.

Q.  What are my basic rights in Municipal Court?

A.  You have all those rights guaranteed by the United States and New Jersey constitutions given to any criminal Defendant with the exception that you have No Right to a Jury Trial.  All issues of fact and law are decided by the Municipal court Judge.

Q.  If I sign a Traffic or Criminal Complaint against someone else, do I have the right to later dismiss the case?

A.  Only with the permission of the Court.  One has to understand that the person who signs a Complaint (whether they are a Police Officer or a Private Citizen) is merely a witness on behalf of the State of New Jersey.  This is why the Plaintiff in a criminal/traffic case is designated as the State of New Jersey and NOT the person who signs the Complaint.