Christopher Green


I would like to update Pine Hill residents and business owners on the progress the Borough has made in the past two years, since I became Mayor.  It was my intent almost two years ago to improve Borough communication, make our government officials more accessible to our residents and keep our government fiscally responsible while maintaining quality of life.

Since taking office, the Borough has updated the municipal website and expanded borough office hours enabling working families access to the Borough team.  Now from home, our residents and businesses can access important documents, pay property taxes online, review Borough Council agendas and minutes, and locate contact information for elected and appointed officials.  We have expended Borough Hall office hours on Wednesday evenings, now open from 7:00-9:00 PM.  We issue two newsletters per year detailing key information, and our Police Department has entered the world of social media to communicate issues and events quickly to our residents.

In an effort to upgrade our infrastructure, the Borough has pursued and been awarded several grants for road and playground improvements.  You may have noticed recent upgrades to local roads such as Franklin Avenue and West Third Avenue to name a few.  We expect to begin working on Estates Road and the playground at the Joey Green Recreation Complex in 2014.  All of these projects are a result of successful grant applications.

The Borough recently became a member municipality of Sustainable Jersey, an organization aimed to help municipalities create an environmentally friendly approach to programs and policies.  The Borough has already been awarded a grant to help initiate the Sustainability program and the Borough’s Police Department has also been a successful grant recipient for Drunk Driving enforcement.  We pursue opportunities for shared services so that we may continue to provide key services, but in a cooperative, fiscally responsible manner.  The recent improvement to the parking lot at the Joey Green Recreation Complex is an example of successful shared services.

We have been working to enhance our community by improving our parks and events, and promoting economic development.  We have added a family friendly fireworks show on New Year’s Eve, along with a second community cleanup day to the list of the Borough’s annual events.  Earlier this month, the long awaited memorial and reflection area at Maguire Park was officially dedicated.  This park was in the development stage for many years, but thanks to the dedication and leadership of Pine Hill residents, members of Council and Borough team members, the memorial was completed.  The Economic Development Committee has drafted a business recruitment brochure and will begin using this and other tools to recruit new businesses to the Borough.

The Borough will continue to pursue opportunities to enhance communication, and improve our infrastructure with grant assistance.  We are working diligently with Camden County officials to improve our roadways that are County owned.  We will also seek other opportunities to share resources with our neighbors, the school district and other government entities.

The progress we have made as a Borough in the past two years is due in large part to our Borough Council.  I am grateful for their assistance and thank them for their ideas, cooperation and initiative.  The Borough certainly would not have been able to make this type of progress without their support.

I remind our residents and business owners that should you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact me or any other Borough official.  It is only with the support of our residents and businesses that we will continue to successfully manage our community.